Straight out of Silicon Valley, Arsalan Lodhi and his Milpitas, California-based company, WISRAN, have developed a software as a service that measures time variations of farming activities to manage revenue leak. — an area Asalan notes is untapped in the AgTech industry and oftentimes unnoticed by farmers.


The Problem

While farming equipment manufacturers have taken tremendous strides to help improve farm equipment efficiency, what gets overlooked is the operation management of that equipment and those who are operating the equipment.


The Solution

WISRAN’s software as a service is designed to provide customers live and financial metrics, including the labor and equipment costs of each task during operation. Tablets get sent to farmers, who moun the tables on their equipment. Once set up, the system will do some automatic recommendations in terms of financial intelligence and how much money the farmers is using on which activity. WISRAN can tell farmers which market channel (elevators, ethanol plants, grain bins, etc.) is going to give them the better price.


Accelerator Takeaway

Through his time with The Accelerator, Asalan enjoyed the positive feedback he received, which helped validate a lot of what WISRAN has been workin on. He also appreciated the mentorship he received through the program, noting that it’s what makes The Accelerator unique. Arsalan is now off to Queensland, Australia, to participate in a  six-month program that is run through the government’s Advance Queensland Initiative. For Arsalan, this is the next step in raising the capital necessary for a full customer launch in 2018.