VakSea is developing immune-boosting proteins in insect larvae to protect fish and shrimp from disease.

The Problem

Disease outbreaks cause billions of dollars in losses for the $170 billion aquaculture industry annually, including a $22 billion loss in 2017.

The Solution

VakSea’s first product is an immune-boosting protein to protect Giant Freshwater Prawns against White Tail Disease. VakSea’s products are the first immunoprotective products for shrimp and can be delivered orally as part of feed, eliminating the need for expensive, labor-intensive and invasive injection vaccines (when they are even available).


Accelerator Takeaway

During the 94-day Accelerator program, VakSea focused on: demonstrating efficacy and market viability, financial modeling, gaining network connections to the aquaculture industry in South East Asia, product iteration, and structuring a fundraising schedule for 2018 and beyond.