For Cedar Lake, Indiana native, Zack James, exposure to business and the family industry sparked his interest in founding a startup to develop swarm-enable, autonomous, miniature farm equipment designed to increase efficiency and lower operation cost for farmers.

The Problem

Younger generations have a harder time getting involved in the farming industry, because a person coming from a farm background already has assets in place. It is extremely expensive to become a large-scale farmer. With Rabbit Tractors, people can purchase smaller equipment and grow their operation at a reasonable rate.

The Solution

Rabbit Tractors are designed to be mobile, modular, compact, and autonomous. They are multi-purpose, acting as both a sprayer and a tractor. At just 7 feet wide and 12 feet long, Rabbit Tractors can fit on to a standard trailer deck. Rabbit tractors feature 40-foot booms, a 160-horsepower engine that powers a hydrostatic transmission, four-wheel drive, a three-point hitch and PTO connection, and a 400-gallon capacity. Farmers simply download the Rabbit Tractor’s app to their laptop and upload their missions to the tractor. The farmer will get video feed as well as gps location, heading speed, fuel level, etc. If there is an obstacle, the identification system will detect the obstacle and stop the device, prompting the user to then tell the tractor what to do.

Accelerator Takeaway

Prior to participating in the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator, Zack had an idea and business model mapped out for Rabbit Tractors but had not yet designed a prototype, something he notes will be easier to do because of his experience with The Accelerator.

Now, with the business model and product design his belt, Zack will spend the fall and winter working with engineers to help design his first Rabbit Tractors prototype. From there, he hopes to have the first protype in the field during spring of 2018 and more than 2,000 tractors driving by 2027.