Phenomics Labs

As a computer programmer, entrepreneur, and farmer, Ed Kepler knew the importance of controlled environments for testing various agricultural elements, including phenomics of plants and other living organisms and founded Phenomics Labs to help with this mission.


The Problem

With an increased focus on how the environment and climate change, the need for data-focused plant experiments is more necessary than ever. Currently, growers and ag industry experts have to rely on high-tech labs at large facilities to perform phenomics and other agronomic tests.


The Solution

Phenomics Labs is a modular platform for running multiple data-oriented plant experiments simultaneously with imaging for computer vision and machine learning. This technology is affordable, transportable, and even rentable — delivered on demand. Scientists have convenient access to a testing location where they can ensure all variables of the environment are accounted for and logged and monitored. Data from the lab, including information pulled from time lapse imaging sensors and machine algorithms, can then be used for predictive phenotyping.


Accelerator Takeaway

Through The Accelerator, Ed was partnered with a representative from DuPont Pioneer who introduced him to the company’s phenomics team, where he was able to discuss the use cases for his modular labs. Now that the incubator period has come to a close, Ed hopes to keep in touch with the network he has developed and expand into Minnesota. In three years he hopes to have labs in a handful of growing facilities. In five years, he hopes the labs will be used in commercial applications as well as for education and from there, widespread adoption in the industry.