With a 30-year farming background and a degree in agribusiness from Kansas State, Ted honed in on his expertise to design a device for facilitating no-till farming.


The Problem

With advancements in seed trait technologies, growers have access to stronger plants that thrive in various weather elements and stand up against plant diseases and common insects. While these traits improve stalk strength for standability and over plant health, they leave more residue and debris in the fields after harvest, which can wreak havoc on equipment tires. Additionally, no-till farmers depend on the remaining stalks and residue left behind from harvest to decompose so that the nutrients from the residue can be absorbed back into the soil, but this does not happen due to stalks being harder to break down.


The Solution

Enter the Decimator — a corn-stalk remover and crusher for facilitating no-till farming. This product is used to extract stalks and root balls using a mechanical device that splinters and crushes the stalk, essentially aiding the decomposition process. The Decimator includes two eccentric cylinders that pinch the corn stalks and simultaneously crush the stalk to help with decomposition. The cylinders are adjustable and can pull the root ball to the point where the device can then forcibly throw the root ball behind the device a few feet.


Accelerator Takeaway

With another prototype and time with The Accelerator under his belt, Ted hopes to take the Decimator to fields around the Corn Belt, doing wide-scale product testing with 20-30 units in the field in the next few years. Hintech is also working on a design that would adapt the Decimator into an attachment for a corn head, and they’re already hearing interested from farmers and companies. Ultimately, Ted hopes the Decimator will make no-till easier so people don’t have to revert back to tillage, and he’s one step closer to success after working through The Accelerator.