Feliciano, Ivan, and Sadoc Paredes are three brothers solving the agriculture labor shortage with first-hand experience growing up as migrant seasonal farm workers.

The Problem

Migrant farm workers face uncertainty and a lack of resources in securing seasonal opportunities to support themselves and their families. In addition, for farm employers, traditional methods such as recruiters are inefficient and costly.

The Solution

AgHelp is a mobile platform that connects agricultural employers, support agencies, and workers. It will improve worker health, security, and earning potential. AgHelp will allow farmers to maximize available local labor and source labor nationally; cheaper than any recruiting tool on the market. It will also allow agencies to serve more workers resulting in increased state and federal funding.


Accelerator Takeaway

While in the 2018 Accelerator program, AgHelp performed customer discovery, began web and mobile platform development, and created a launch plan for October of 2018.