Our Class Launch is drawing near!

The inaugural class of the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator begins in July and we are actively seeking startups focused on AgriTech. Startups apply via this application link
Our investors are Leaders in Agriculture.
Our mentors focused on innovation.


Accelerate with us

We are a part of the Global Accelerator Network (GAN), an ecosystem of accelerators whose mission is to focus on working with startups toward scalable and sustainable growth. A few brief questions about your startup can help us get a better feel for your startup’s focus, strengths and needs. Casey Niemann, President of Agrisync and Jamie Ridgely, COO of Agren speak to the entrepreneurial ecosystem surrounding and supporting the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator.
Casey Niemann Video
Casey Niemann - Agrisync
Jamie Ridgely Video
Jamie Ridgely - Agren
Apply Video
Mike Colwell - Squareone DSM


Our new Executive Director, Megan Vollstedt, is now onboard and is pleased to announce our class Click here for more.