On June 3, Corteva Agriscience celebrated its separation from DowDuPont, and marked its official entrance into the global market as an independent public company. We’re thrilled for our friends and partners at Corteva, and we look forward to their continued support of the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator and the startups within. Here’s a deeper look into Corteva’s background, their commitment to advancing agtech innovation and their involvement in our program.

Corteva’s purpose is to “enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring progress for generations to come.” As a global leader in seed and crop protection, and with a rapidly expanding digital business platform, Corteva provides farmers around the world an expansive lineup of products and technologies that help maximize yields and increase their bottom line. Corteva’s portfolio of businesses encompasses some of the most recognized brands in the ag industry, including Pioneer®, Granular®, Brevant™ seeds and Corteva Agriscience™ Crop Protection products. Their core values are to enrich lives, act boldly, innovate relentlessly, grow by working together, maintain high ethical standards and embrace safety and the environment. These values resonate at the core of every employee who represents their brand and are essential to their pursuit of ensuring future generations are positioned for success.

Powering Innovation
As the global population increases, so does the demand for healthy foods produced in environmentally sustainable ways. Corteva recognizes the power of agricultural innovations to meet this demand. They continuously seek and develop integrated, advanced technologies and products that can play an essential role in feeding the growing population while sustaining the land and conserving resources for future generations. To do this, they collaborate both internally and externally with industry experts to harness agriculture’s brightest minds. This network includes agriscience professionals from their various platforms, universities and non-government organizations. We’re fortunate that one of these organizations is The Accelerator.

Investment and Mentorship
Corteva is one of the original investors in The Accelerator and has been heavily involved in the success of the program’s three cohorts. Their participation in the program is coupled with their desire to explore and invest in innovative solutions that can help farmers produce the food the world needs.

The startups in our program benefit directly from Corteva’s connections in the ag industry and its expertise in agriscience, seed, crop protection, digital and environmental stewardship – and increasingly, solutions that combine elements of all of these. Corteva helps the startups find creative solutions for their businesses, which in turn offers them the opportunity to see the startups’ groundbreaking innovations before the rest of the industry.

“At Corteva Agriscience, we partner with organizations like the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator to explore tomorrow’s innovations and ideas of today,” notes Judd O’Connor, president, Corteva Agriscience U.S. Commercial Business and Iowa AgriTech Accelerator Board member. “Through our participation in their 100-day program, we’re able to see integrated, cutting-edge technologies that we, as an investor to the program, can help advance and collaborate on to better position them for the ag industry.”

Corteva has a handful of employees currently serving as volunteer mentors for the startups in our program. They provide expertise in research, legal, marketing, business development, data engineering and agronomy. We’re truly grateful for their time, knowledge and commitment to helping accelerate the startups and their technologies.

For more information about Corteva, visit their website at www.corteva.com or follow them on social media — FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter and YouTube.