The benefits of participating in the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator exceed far beyond a financial boost. Since its inception in 2016, The Accelerator has provided 10 startups with crucial funding to help them advance as innovators in the agriculture and technology industries. But the support doesn’t end there. Those accepted into The Accelerator gain access to a program and network of mentors that guide companies not only through the startup phase but also years into the future.

A place to work and live 

Program participants are provided with subsidized housing near downtown Des Moines. The housing is especially helpful for members who live outside the Des Moines metro but want to be active in the 100-day incubator period.

Even more beneficial is the office space provided to participants in the historic East Village in downtown Des Moines. Shared office space allows The Accelerator startups an opportunity to work among peers who may be facing the same struggles. They can draw on each other for emotional support or bounce business ideas off someone in the same industry. And because companies may be at different stages of growth, peers can provide a unique perspective or solution to challenges startups face. The office space also allows startups to build a relationship with each other, which could blossom into future partnerships.

These perks encourage startups to delve right into the incubator period to address their company’s future goals and how they will be achieved without having to worry about the logistics of where to work and stay.

Located in Des Moines

The Accelerator is located in the heart of the Midwest, where agriculture and technology industries reign supreme. Not only are The Accelerator participants able to connect with industry leaders, but they’re also growing their business near much of their customer base.

The Des Moines-based program also puts startups in close proximity to some of Iowa’s brightest business minds. 

Additionally, the office space in Des Moines’ East Village is positioned at the foot of the State Capitol where lobbyists and legislators discuss laws that affect Iowa’s agricultural and technology industries.

Support system

Another benefit participants receive is access to The Accelerator’s network of more than 130 mentors. While some of The Accelerator startups have an established business and are looking for more partnerships within the industry, others are looking for more elemental help, such as creating a business plan.

This network is ready to help and features a vast expertise. Mentors include company program directors, researchers, vice presidents and executives. Professional experience includes expertise in law, insurance, information technology, data, research, marketing, finance, manufacturing and more. Additionally, The Accelerator participants can tour investor and mentor companies for more education and networking opportunities.

Mentorship opportunities don’t stop at the end of the 100-day program. Though the network may provide the basis for a startup’s support system, relationships between industry leaders grow alongside Accelerator businesses.

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