Since 1893, Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company (FMH) has made it their mission to bring peace of mind to America’s farmers through a combination of financial strength, personal service and Midwestern values. With an ongoing commitment and investment in farm insurance, their vision is to be a leading provider of financial security for America’s farmers through innovative insurance solutions, which is a necessity in an industry subject to the volatility of the markets and weather.

In 2016, FMH joined The Accelerator’s team of investors, pledging not only financial support but also volunteer mentorship to the startups involved in the program. Their leadership and expertise strengthen The Accelerator’s mission to provide startups with the platform, space and support they need to elevate their business.

“Our primary goal as an investor is to be able to look at the deal flow that comes in from the startup companies and to see tomorrow’s innovation today,” notes Scott McEntee, senior vice president of accounting for FMH. “Through our partnership with The Accelerator, we have the opportunity to look at this innovation early and maybe help change it or mold it so that it would benefit not only our company and the uses that we see for technology in the industry, but also mold the companies to help make them successful within the ag industry.”

Investors like Farmers Mutual Hail are the cornerstone of our program and instrumental to the success of the startups who have participated in our program. The Accelerator is truly grateful for FMH’s continued support and commitment to American farmers.

“We’ve been providing innovative solutions to the ag industry for over 125 years, and this is an opportunity for us to help give back to the industry, to help bring innovation to the state of Iowa and the surrounding regions and to also help the ag economy and the communities in which it touches.”  — Scott McEntee

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