Abeokuta, Nigeria

Michael Iyanro, Founder and CEO

BirdPreneur is an aviculture platform supporting small-scale poultry farmers in rural Africa. Through investor funds, the farmers can access the farm supplies and mentorship services they need to scale up their farm operations and improve productivity.

While in Iowa with the Accelerator program, the BirdPreneur team focused on leadership development and strategies for scaling the company and its impact to farmers.

Michael Iyanro says, “Iowa Agritech Accelerator stimulates creativity and innovation and taps into the inner child. There is no doubt that this is the type of platform I have been looking for, where technology marries entrepreneurship, a place where my background and experience and skills can be put to use and together with others, make real things happen. Iowa Agritech Accelerator is the ideal space for sparking nontraditional ways of tailoring a technology to provide satisfying user experience, by crafting relevant products and understanding the right time to come in and delight and surprise the user.”

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