Baltimore, MD

Mihir Pershad, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Vikram Vakharia, Chief Science Officer
Bob Balcerzack, Chief Technology Officer

VakSea is developing immune-boosting proteins in insect larvae to protect fish and shrimp from disease.

During the 94-day Accelerator program, VakSea focused on: demonstrating efficacy and market viability, financial modeling, gaining network connections to the aquaculture industry in South East Asia, product iteration, and structuring a fundraising schedule for 2018 and beyond.

Mihir Pershad says, “We found the mentorship and programming provided by the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator to be very helpful in establishing our go-to-market strategy and defining a capital-efficient path to market. The EIRs and mentors helped us to make connections with the ideal strategic partners and better define our strategic value to those potential partners. In just three months, we were introduced to some of the largest global animal feed companies and made significant progress toward securing a partner.”

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