An Accelerator office is one of the most unique places to work.

Five agtech startups are headquartered in Des Moines, IA for the 2018 Accelerator program, and if you were to visit, you would step right into conversations about financial projections, product testing, customer discovery, and market potential. Business model canvases hang on the walls; whiteboards are covered in brainstorm session notes, bookshelves are stacked with resources like Venture Deals and The Lean Startup, and the kitchen is stocked with coffee and snacks to fuel the entrepreneurs.

In addition to focused, individual business discussions, the Accelerator hosts programming to enrich all areas of the startups’ development: sales workshops, panels of ag marketing professionals, morning coffees with experienced startup founders, pitch practices, communication and etiquette coaching, etc.

Mentors are the key to success in any accelerator and our volunteer mentors have committed to the AgTech industry through their professional, personal, and volunteer roles. You may find them on the phone or in the conference rooms lending their knowledge and advice.

Founders of startups are driven to solve problems. They bring energy and determination to the atmosphere. If you’d like to experience a “day in the life” yourself, we invite you to the Farm Progress Show August 28-30 in Boone, IA where we will set up the office in Booth 1120.