GREATER DES MOINES, IA — AgTech startups wishing to participate in the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator’s 2017 class still have time to submit their applications. The Accelerator seeks early-stage companies with an idea, intellectual property or prototype for agricultural innovation to participate in this year’s class, which begins July 10 in Des Moines, Iowa.

“We’re excited about the interest we’ve received throughout the AgTech community,” says Tej Dhawan, interim director of the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator. “We’ve received some impressive applicants but still encourage candidates to apply for this year’s class. We are seeking up to six startups with viable AgTech concepts; we look forward to helping launch their ideas through this program.”

The Iowa AgriTech Accelerator has support from some of the largest and well-known AgTech companies in Iowa. These companies are instrumental in the creation of the program, providing mentorship and helping lead the startups toward commercial viability. The chosen companies will receive intensive mentoring and $40,000 in seed funding, field trips to investor and mentor companies that will complement office time for holistic education, outreach, networking and presentation opportunities, as well as a graduation ceremony held during the World Food Prize on October 20.

Startups can apply here.

About the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator

The Iowa AgriTech Accelerator, based in Des Moines, Iowa, is a mentor-led accelerator focused on AgTech innovations. Led by innovators and leaders in several areas of agriculture, The Accelerator seeks startups ready to change the status quo.

Jana Rieker
(515) 974-4741

May 8, 2017