Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

The Accelerator capped off the 100-day program with a Demo Day event at the World Food Prize and announced applications will be open in January of 2018 for the Class of 2018.

More details at Demo Day 2017
Our investors are Leaders in Agriculture.
Our mentors spend their days thinking and innovating in AgTech.

Join us to grow with the industry's accelerator.


Mentors are a key to success in any accelerator, and our volunteer mentors have committed to the AgTech industry through their professional, personal and volunteer roles. Those who regularly provide mentorships tell us of the profound impact mentoring has on everyone involved – from recipient to provider.

Mentor Backgrounds

The mentor pool ready to work with our classes is diverse and about half hail directly from agribusiness. Tech, legal, HR, marketing and design professionals complement our agribusiness mentors to offer startups a wide range of resources. The mentors range from CEOs, directors and VPs of well-established companies, retired executives and small business owners. Several mentors already work directly with startups in-person or remotely via video.

Entrepreneurs in Residence

Based upon the needs of the class, a select group of Entrepreneurs in Residence will work closely with mentors and class members on a daily, on-site basis to help further accelerate.

Mentoring Process

The mentoring process will begin with each class participant meeting with each mentor in a 20-30 minute speed-dating setting. This allows for a low-pressure, low commitment mechanism to connect with and learn from diverse ideas quickly, and adjust the business and pitch on a continuous basis without time lost in analysis-paralysis. Mentors and startups separately rate each other for potential future connection and desire to engage.

Mentoring Video
Why Mentor Startups

Getting Started

We welcome individuals willing to mentor young companies in meaningful ways. Please begin the process by reviewing this brief mentor manifesto. If you agree with the tenets of mentoring, please provide your mentor profile.

We will be in touch about initial mentor orientation dates!


Our new Executive Director, Megan Vollstedt is pleased to announce our class Click here for more.