Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

The Accelerator capped off the 100-day program with a Demo Day event at the World Food Prize and announced applications will be open in January of 2018 for the Class of 2018.

More details at Demo Day 2017

Entrepreneurs in Residence

A complement of the fantastic mentors to this year's cohort is a group of experienced mentors who will work in-house at the accelerator with each startup. These Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) provide focused, strategic and tactical mentoring in the area of product development, financial management, and operational strategy. They will augment the one-on-one interaction between the startups, the program's executive director, the board, investors, mentors and community members associated with the accelerator. The EIRs for this year's cohort are:

Strategy Advisor, KNL Works | Kerty Levy

Founder, c.Results | Charise Flynn

Former Interim Director | Tej Dhawan


Our new Executive Director, Megan Vollstedt is pleased to announce our class Click here for more.