Our Class Launch is busy executing!

The inaugural class of the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator began Monday July 10 and is working furtively toward a successful program completion. Watch for their upcoming presentations during the World Food Prize
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2017 Calendar of Events

We are excited to host the Class of 2017 in Des Moines, Iowa. Though the class is scheduled to work with mentors and entrepreneurs in residence from Jul.10 through Oct. 19 2017, the following events highlight some key timelines and opportunities.

Apr. 3 : Applications open

Apr. 3 – May 15: Continuous evaluation and offers to cohort companies (APPLY EARLY!)

May 15 – Jun. 15: Final selections and initial due-diligence for legal readiness

Jun. 15 – Jun. 30: Legal and contractual items, funding and media announcements

Jul. 10: Class of 2017 arrives in Des Moines, Iowa

Aug. 29 – Aug. 31: Farm Progress Show (Early demo opportunity!)

Oct. 17: Graduation at World Food Prize


Our new Executive Director, Megan Vollstedt is pleased to announce our class Click here for more.